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2018 Year of the Accountant

2018 Year of the Accountant. New tax code and massive changes in legislation have spurred widespread demand for the attention of CPAs and accountants nationwide. Barry Melancon, CEO of the AICPA, recently reflected on 2017 and described the 3 words for accountants in 2018 as: Vital, Visible, and Visionary.

And while when you think about accounting, “glamorous” probably isn’t the first word that pops into your head, the The Wall Street Journal published an article showing the profession has quickly escalated to the cream of the crop in social circles, Who’s the Center of Attention at Holiday Parties? Your Tax Accountant.

At AccountingSuite, we can’t say that we’re surprised by this trend. We’ve always held our accounting partners in the highest esteem, and built our product with their unique needs in mind because we know that #AccountantsRock! That’s why we want to be the first to declare 2018 Year of the Accountant.

With the first major tax overhaul in 30 years, everyone wants to know how they will be affected. It’s the accountants they will turn to. Helping businesses navigate new policy, though, is far from the only benefit accountants bring to the table. Exceptional accounting is fundamental to the success of every business.

Since our inception, we’ve gone “all in” on supporting our rockstar accounting partners. Long before they were on the front page, we saw how essential accounting firms truly are, not only to tax prep but to financial success for us all. Here are just a few things AccountingSuite would like to recognize accountants for doing every day, apart from untailing our new, 1000+ page tax reform:

Accountants to the Rescue

As a business grows, so too do their expenses. Accurate records do much more than help a company grow at a sustainable rate. Without diligent accounting, you can’t see the real financial health of a business.

Business owners have a lot to think about. Making sure all the numbers add up shouldn’t be a concern. Accountants provide a sense of order and confidence, ensuring that a business doesn’t need to double — and triple — check their numbers.

Accountants Cut Through The Noise

Accountants deal in cold, hard numbers. There’s a million different opinions on any given topic — our new tax plan is the perfect example. Accounting is objective, and it doesn’t wallow in gossip. It gives you a sober look at the facts.

These hard-earned facts are crucial when it comes time to make a big decision. Committing to a big purchase or investment without knowing the status of your accounts is like guiding a ship without a compass.

Accountants Save You Time, Money, and Ibuprofen

Tackling expenses on your own requires your hours, effort, and energy. For any busy entrepreneur or business owner, all of those resources could be spent better elsewhere. Accounts are true experts in their field, and thrive on order. They take the ledgers off your plate, and let you focus on your expertise: leading and growing your company.

When tax time comes, those savings are doubly evident. Even when the tax code isn’t brand new, it’s a complicated beast. Who has the time and knowledge to ensure that you’re filing in your best interest? The answer, of course, is your accountant.

2018 Year of the Accountant

For these, and countless other reasons, let’s make it official. Glamorous or not, 2018 is the year of the accountant. And we couldn’t be happier about it. To be honest, we think it’s long overdue and we want to keep the noise going about our financial heroes long after the dust has settled. From the team here at AccountingSuite, thank you to our amazing accounting partners, and all that you do – every year!

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