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Advanced Barcoder

Advanced Barcoder is a robust addition that improves your regular barcode functionality. Once this extension is added you can scan Lots and Item barcodes, each time an item is scanned it will increase by 1 on documents ensuring that all receiving records are accurate.

Information: Advanced Barcoder


Quickly scan multiple items at once using any compatible barcode scanner . This Advanced Barcoder can help to speed up the process of scanning multiple items using virtually any barcode scanner. Simply install the extension and you’re ready to start scanning multiple items into your Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and many more.




“Useful tool to help me view the status of all my inventory positions”

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Configuration & Installation

How do I set up the Advanced Barcoder

Advanced Barcoder (Extension)


This extension extends the regular barcode functionality by adding the ability to scan Lot and Items barcodes.  In addition, quantities on documents are increased by one each time the item is scanned ensuring accurate receiving records.


Please see the article on Managing Extensions for installation instructions


This extension is available on Purchase Orders, Item Receipts, Bills, Purchase Returns, Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments, Sales Invoices, Credit Memos and Cash Sales.
To use, click the Options link next to the Add button near the line items and choose Add items by barcode (figure 1).  A window will pop up (figure 2) and you can start scanning!
Things to note:
  1. Each time you scan an item, the quantity will increase by one.
  2. When you are done with one item, simply scan the next.  You don’t have to click add or do anything else.
  3. Lots numbers may also be scanned in this way.
Figure 1: Using the Barcode scanning extension
Figure 2: The scanning window