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Why All-in-one Software Saves Time and Money

Why All-in-one Software Saves Time and Money: Fewer Programs, More Utility. When Apple debuted the marketing campaign for its App Store, it came with a catchy, much-repeated slogan: There’s an app for that. The phrase grew so popular that the software giant went even decided to trademark it. While specialized apps for everything from calorie tracking to meditation may be fun for casual use on your phone, too many programs can wreak havoc on your business. Navigating a seemingly endless array of programs, windows, and tabs is a frustration that nearly every company deals with on a daily basis.

The Inefficient and Error-Prone Way

As you begin your workday, how many programs do you need to open? For millions of Americans, including business owners and accounting professionals, the answer is often “way too many.” That list could include your internet browser, accounting software, inventory software, purchase software, CRM, and more. Simply keeping track of all these different programs and windows can be a headache, forcing you to read tips and tricks articles just to keep them all straight.

Obviously, it’s not hard to see how this system can slow you down. Unless you have half-a-dozen monitors, you probably spend hours every week cycling through programs, and that’s the least of your troubles. Manually transferring information from one program to another presents an all-too-easy chance for errors to be made. Not only does this cause a lack of clarity, but it also requires you to spend a lot of time making sure every piece of information is where it needs to be. All of this adds up to more menial work, increased frustration, and a severe case of Too Many Tabs Syndrome.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Why All-in-one Software Saves Time and Money

Why All-in-one Software Saves Time and Money: Fewer Programs, More Utility

The AccountingSuite Way

AccountingSuite believes that you should be able to do your job without needing a system for managing all your programs. Our all-in-one software offers fully integrated inventory management, purchase order management, and project and time tracking. Information is seamlessly shared between all aspects of AccountingSuite, so you won’t waste time inputting the same piece of data multiple times. And because everything is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere without the need for pesky workarounds.

Taking it to the next level, AccountingSuite can also be integrated with a host of other programs, further eliminating clutter from your screen. You check your email, accept payments, and more, all within one program. This robust suite of features and integration’s makes AccountingSuite the ideal software for a growing business and a lifesaver for accounting professionals. It fosters communication, trust, and transparency.

Using all-in-one software allows businesses to cut down on software subscriptions and reduces the risk for data-entry errors. So next time you’re thinking about a useful tool for your business, don’t ask “is there an app for that?”. Ask “can my accounting software do this?” If not, it’s time to try AccountingSuite and experience the all-in-one software difference.

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