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AccountingSuite™ announces their newest integration with Gusto® which allows users to seamlessly sync their online payroll with AccountingSuite™. The integration empowers users of both systems to be able to have their payroll accounts set up so that employee hourly wages and salaries can be split, as needed, during the payroll process and enables entries to post automatically via the API.

This integration removes the need for double entry, and as soon as a payroll is processed through Gusto, users can see their payroll cost directly in the AccountingSuite ledger. Within 30 minutes of completing the payroll run, all entries will post in AccountingSuite, providing transparency and much-needed visibility to businesses.

Ted McRae, Director of Business Development at AccountingSuite stated: “With the Gusto integration, accountants and their clients get an end-to-end solution, combining cloud-based payroll tools with best in class accounting software.” He continued, “Having an online payroll system that seamlessly integrates with AccountingSuite makes it simple.”

AccountingSuite™ is an award-winning native cloud enterprise accounting software with built-in advanced inventory management solutions. The pure cloud application allows users to login anytime from any device and provides unlimited transactions as well as multiple users.

The software is a popular alternative for CPAs and accountants because it adheres to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) unlike other popular accounting programs; lack of this backbone in an accounting system allows inexperienced users to make changes to the file after closing.

About AccountingSuite™

AccountingSuite™ is a powerful, customizable, all-in-one enterprise business application for accounting, cloud banking, order management, inventory management, eCommerce, project and time tracking in one cloud-driven platform. Our mission is to provide easy to use, no-nonsense software that is scalable for growing companies to manage not only finances, but day to day operations.

AccountingSuite™ partners with accountants to deliver the software as low as $5 per month per client with unlimited accountant and bookkeeper seats.

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