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PC Magazine Ranks AccountingSuite

PC Magazine Ranks AccountingSuite as Most Customizable in Accounting Software Review. Whether you’re deciding where to have dinner or which movie to see, you’re probably going to check out some reviews. It’s only natural, right? Before taking the plunge yourself, you want to see what other people are saying. The same goes for accounting software. In our world, PCMag is one of the authoritative sources for impartial, expert reviews—the Michelin guide of our profession, if you will. That’s why we felt a combination of nerves and excitement when we saw they had reviewed AccountingSuite. It’s our first year being included among the annual accounting software review category, and we wanted to make a great first impression.

Customization & Feature Rich

As we read through PCMag’s take, we couldn’t help but smile. Kathy Yakal, PCMag’s reviewer, describes AccountingSuite as “the most customizable, feature-rich accounting website we’ve reviewed.” In particular, she makes note of AccountingSuite’s inventory management functionality, as well as its time tracking and project management capabilities, as “the most robust we’ve seen in this price range.”

Perhaps what impresses Yakal most about AccountingSuite is its customization options. We strive to create a platform that can be tailored to the needs of your industry and workflow. The review notes that taking the time to do just that can improve your experience with AccountingSuite. “Considering its depth, breadth, and customizability, AccountingSuite is not the type of site that has you jumping in and creating invoices in five minutes (though you could),” Yakal writes. “If you want the best, most individualized experience possible, you really should set aside a serious chunk of time to get going with the site.”

Why the Accounting Software Review Matters

Software is an iterative product, which means it improves all the time, even after you’ve purchased it. As such, there’s no perfect time to be reviewed, but we’re very happy with the version of AccountingSuite that PCMag got to spend an extended period of time with. Next year, when they update their review, we’re sure their experience will be even more rave-worthy. Remember when evaluating any kind of software that many sites are pay to play. Reviews are critical to the buyer, but only if they can be trusted by an unbiased source.

While we won’t cover the entire PCMag review here, we would like to include a quote from Yakal on the added value AccountingSuite offers. “ Considering everything it does, along with its generous support options,” she says, “AccountingSuite is an excellent choice for small businesses that need to move beyond QuickBooks.”

Head to our Why AccountingSuite page to learn more about the features that set us apart, and stay tuned for updates on exciting new announcements about the product.

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