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Auto Purchase Order

The Auto Purchase Order extension uses predictive AI to automate your purchase order workflow,creating a purchase order that will automatically send a purchase requisition to draft, then notify the appropriate staff member that a PO document needs to be sent to the vendor. Automated purchase orders help you streamline your ordering process and allows you to see in real-time that you will not be left without enough stock or even worse deadstock.


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  • Developer: AccountingSuite™ | 888-328-8275 | support@accountingsuite.com
  • Categories: Inventory, Purchases, Artificial Intelligence



Auto Purchase Order


Use Auto Purchase Order to “Auto-Fill” your companies purchase orders by Calculated Reorder Point, Recommended Purchase Quantity or set a schedule as to how many times you would like the system to check what purchase orders should be created. After the purchase order is ran you will get a draft PO that you can edit before sending for fulfilment.

auto PO commercial from AccountingSuite on Vimeo.

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  1. michael moon

    Great tool for the toolbox

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