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Why Use Biller Genie?

Collect ACH and credit card payments online, automate the invoicing process, and so much more. Because you have a business to run. And we think you should spend less time on tedious tasks and more time growing your business.



Biller Genie works like a wish come true for businesses that need relief from all of the headaches involved with the accounts receivable process.


Create an invoice in your accounting software just like you always have, and let The Genie do the rest


Invoices go out when you choose and on your letterhead, automatically


Late payment & follow-up reminders are sent on your schedule. Automatically


Clients can log-in, make payments, view history, set-up auto pay, from anywhere – 24/7

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Accepts Electronic Payments: Biller Genie’s secure, easy-to-navigate Branded Customer Portal gives your customers a familiar place to make credit card or ACH payments online.

Automates Your Invoicing Processes: Standardize and automate the entire follow-up process. Biller Genie’s Invoice Messenger features seven different automated reminders you can set on your schedule.

Reconciles Instantly: Biller Genie automatically reconciles successful payments and syncs with AccountingSuite so you don’t have to.

Eliminates Duplicate Work: Say goodbye to duplicate tasks and pesky busy work. Biller Genie automatically syncs your customer and invoice data from AccountingSuite and back again.

Customer Portal: Give your customers a familiar, secure place to make payments, view payment history, and store payment info—all branded to your company.


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