The Sales Module gives business owners and entrepreneurs flexibility in orders, invoicing, customer returns, customer refunds and accepting customer payments. In turn, the Purchasing Module makes purchasing, vendor management and receiving inventory fast and easy.

Business Solutions

Close deals faster

Copy/reuse existing invoices and create new invoices with just one click. Email invoices to customers with a “Pay Now” button. Automate customer billing by setting up recurring invoices, allowing you to focus on doing business and not manually creating repeat invoices.

Have accurate answers to those important sales questions

During the order entry process, having instant access to inventory and support for backorders allows you to give customers accurate shipping estimates on-the-fly.

Business Solutions
Business Solutions

No more double entry

Cash sales are instantly posted to your system and no additional entries or processes are needed to monitor your right-now cash position.

End sales tax headaches

Don’t waste valuable time and resources on something that doesn’t make your business more profitable. Automate sales and use tax calculations and compliance with our partner Avalara.

Business Solutions
Business Solutions

Reflect how your business runs

A vendor can also be a customer; and new items can be added on the fly even if they haven’t been previously set up.

Flexible purchasing management

“Draft” and “Post” commands let you stay with an open Order until you are ready to move on. Editing existing Purchase Orders is intuitive, and a history snapshot allows you to undo any action or actions, or even revert back to a specific time.

Business Solutions

Sales & Purchases Highlights

  • Built-in Sales Quotes and Estimates
  • Feature Packed Sales Order
  • Recurring Sales Invoices
  • Simple Prepayment Capability
  • Multi-Currency Capability
  • Automated Cash Receipts
  • 1 Step Cash Sales (including Stripe)
  • Sophisticated Price Matrix for complex pricing
  • Integrated Shipments
  • Advanced Customer Statements
  • Supplier and Vendor Invoices
  • Tag-based items or expenses allocation
  • Automated Purchase Returns
  • ZohoCRM, Stripe, Dwolla and Avalara Integration

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