Scaling New Heights 2022 AccountingSuite™ Insights

Seen, Heard, and Learned at Scaling New Heights 2022 

The AccountingSuite™ team just returned from Scaling New Heights in Orlando, Florida and it was awesome to see so many of our existing AccountingSuite users and accounting professionals visit our booth, attend our Power Breakfast event, and take our certification classes there.

A key feeling for many users at the event, and the overall theme we kept hearing from users of entry-level accounting solutions was one of frustration. Frustration with their current accounting systems and also in the level of support (both technical and personal) they receive from the companies which own them. 

Of the attendees we talked to, we estimate that 80 percent were actively looking to find a new or better go-to solution for their firms and their clients’ businesses. Why? 

Here are some of the top reasons we heard at Scaling New Heights 2022 about why accounting professionals are looking to find a replacement for start accounting systems and move themselves and their clients to a comprehensive Process and Resource Operation Planning (PROP) solution such as AccountingSuite™:

  • Better automation features to increase efficiency.
  • Simplicity of having one suite versus multiple disparate applications.
  • Enhanced receiving and reporting functionality, finding a solution with better back-end support
  • They are perfect for firms with clients who have outgrown solutions such as Xero, QuickBooks Online, or QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • The lack of support received from their existing accounting software provider as well as not feeling valued as a partner.

Another key benefit of a PROPs solution such as AccountingSuite™ is that it provides a more comprehensive solution which helps to streamline and simplify the back-office financial function of growing businesses. This is in contrast to having clients (or your firm) use a patchwork of solutions to try to bridge the gap unsuccessfully in many cases and without truly superior functionality. 

The bottom line? 

A critical key to navigating growth and supporting your business is to find the best fit for your firm and not just use whatever you see other businesses using. Another key: take real action to put the solutions and systems you need in place to make your firm more successful and to eliminate the pain points a less robust accounting software creates.

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